Wednesday, February 3, 2010

dear diary

we've all got a story to tell some past that bit us in the ass and took a chunk out just enough to leave you who you are now, here, with me.
we all have shadows that go bump in the night and tug at our soul.
but some of us, some of us need to bleed instead of cry and some of us dance with the shadows that linger in the night.
for some the story never ended it never healed over to form a callous so deep that nothing else can get in. it never left your room or kissed you good night with a long deep sigh.
for some of us we can drive down the street and go to work and wear the skin that keeps one foot hold in the here and now for some of us we can get into our fuel efficient sub compacts and play the role and sleep soundly and not need to wake to empty the contents of your brain before it tears through you on its way out.
most of us can move through the day with the shadows at bay
but some, you and i, we dance here in the shadow we get high and sit quietly with them and find it hard to make our way back out to day.

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  1. Wow, thanks for the compliments. Six kids, huh? I try and do a little of everything during the day but (besides family) my main goal is writing as much as I can. Some days I hardly get in 15 words - other days I can bust through 4,000 - it's hit or miss.

    I am a part-time college student majoring (soon) in creative writing. My writing time is split between school work and my personal writing.

    I do have a few articles (which I usually call essays for tracking purposes because they are technical writing) and poems, as well as some short stories. Just poke around and use the tags (keywords) on the right of my blog to find them easier.

    Thanks for the comment though. I'll have to check out your blog when I have a bit of time this weekend.

    Happy writing!

    PS. If you add your email to your google profile, responses to comments are much easier. ;)