Friday, January 22, 2010

Wild Child

from behind the moon she peers out at me all big eyed and wild child

hidden so deep pushed far from light the words that rape the soul, longing to be heard to be seen to be cast out

Quiet now, my brain is so quiet now when i need it most. tormenting me with this hide and seek . She lurks around the corners...catching shadows of her only to slip away again into the darkness.I need it now I need her now so very much that my entire body aches longing to feel her touch consume me this deep need for it aches between my legs and makes my soul quake.

the colors
the touches
the smells
the connections
are electrifying, pulsating from every pore...all of it lost to her hidden away

with her,
i hate her,
i love her,
i need her...

Grayness consumes me when she abandons me so

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