Monday, September 21, 2009


in the quiet now
and the soft warmth of false falsehoods the floodlights switch on to illuminate the raw misgivings of a childhood never had

quiet now
this body lay so to longing evermore for something to ignite the embers that linger
choked there,
in the ash and nub of yesterdays had, and tomorrows that never come

calloused minds and suffocating to do's that dull me to the very core

acid driven days of illuminated colors,
to touch the hand of God, Allah, Mohamed, Buddha and feel that universal oneness

clouded thoughts that fill my lungs like glue making it impossible to suck the life out of the air
the dulled and deadened that lurk in the days filled with glassy eyed misconceptions
never really see if seen at all

the poet with the wide eyed grin and clit like mind rising with the X-stacy of this fuck...lost to it now in the moment of swirling thought that strokes at my brain as if to bring me full and ready


  1. Hey there--you're a good writer, and I enjoy your thoughts and word-play. Rock on, Sister!

    Sam Southworth

  2. thanks for the comment...made my day!